Kylie X Tour

Celebrating her incredibly successful album “X” this show mixed futuristic with classic showgirl elements to create a thrilling show full of surprises including a cheeky brass section!. It also included the unreleased gem “Flower” written by Steve Anderson and Kylie as well as re-workings of classics like ‘Step Back In Time” and “Slow” and Barry Manilow’s masterpiece “Copacabana”.


Director: William Baker
Musical Director/Arrangements: Steve Anderson
Choreographer: Michael Rooney
DVD Audio Mixed by Toby Alington and Steve Anderson


Keyboards/MD: Sarah deCourcy
Drums: Matt Racher
Bass: Jenni Tarma
Guitar: Adrian Eccleston
Brass: Barnaby Dickinson, Graeme Blevins and Graeme Flowers
Backing Vocals: Dawn Joseph and Roxanne Wilde


1 Speakerphone
2 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
3 Ruffle My Feathers
4 In Your Eyes
5 Heart Beat Rock
6 Wow
7 Shocked
8 Loveboat
9 Copacabana
10 Spinning Around
11 Like A Drug
12 Slow
13 2 Hearts
14 Sometime Samurai
15 Come Into My World
16 Nu-di-ty
17 Sensitized
18 Flower
19 I Believe In You
20 On A Night Like This
21 Your Disco Needs You
22 Kids
23 Step Back In Time
24 In My Arms
25 No More Rain
26 The One
27 Love At First Sight